Be true. Be unique. Be free.

 Have you ever felt that you are a revolutionary? Do you long to create a new paradigm?

Well at Hero Sisters you are in good company. Around the world women are recognising that this is a transitional time and it’s the moment to step into their power. To birth a new vision of a world that celebrates beauty, new ideas, creative collaborations and free-spirited roaming. 







HERO Sisters is the creation of Rafti, designing nomad, jeweller & wild woman!

Who started this project as part of her own bid for freedom and healing. She has poured her passion into scouring the globe for objects to enliven you and creating pieces for women who like to venture off the beaten path. All this is supported by a circle of sisters who are waiting for you to join them in the adventure. Explore, share your stories, get inspired! Welcome.


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My HS bag is what I’ve been waiting for - its über cool and totally my jam - it suits my lifestyle whilst retains icy cool vibes with optional choices. Hero’d by a sister!

Boyd, Melbourne

Rafti is a passionate dark-haired gypsy who will seduce you with her beautiful designs and wrap you in her magic as she transports you to become the hero sister that you are.

Julie Skarratt

I transform into a goddess every time I wear my Hero Sister jewels! The BEA earcuff is my everyday staple, along with my AMALFI bangles. Serious wow factor! 

Elise P A Jackson