“Great legacy of adorning so many with something so very beautiful."

Suzie Stanford

“To celebrate what these hands have created, their story is wonderful.”

Ann Ritchie

“Never give up these beautiful jewels! No one does it like Rafti!”

Samantha Cotterell

"Your pieces are intoxicating…"





“I have many of your jewels, that have been inspiring, grounding and at times of adversity served as anchors to remind me of my strength and resilience.”

Romanita Popescu

“…will have to get the necklace now…so so gorgeous. It’s a mix of wild and refined. Very sleek and very daring and a bit tribal too.”

Cecile Duboz

“I received my jewellery today and I am so very happy. They are truly pieces of art.”

Natasha Facci

“Rafti, you really have become my hero with your extraordinary creativity,  professionalism, generosity. and to also acknowledge the uniqueness of your craft which I find so refreshing when everything else on the market is so same, same.”

Caroline Ford

HERO Sisters is the creation of Rafti, designing nomad, jeweller & wild woman!

Who started this project as part of her own bid for freedom and healing. She has poured her passion into scouring the globe for objects to enliven you and creating pieces for women who like to venture off the beaten path. All this is supported by a circle of sisters who are waiting for you to join them in the adventure. Explore, share your stories, get inspired! Welcome.


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