Rafti, Hero Sisters (Bouvier)After training as an architect and spending many years as a chef, including owning a restaurant, Rafti found jewellery a way to channel her true creative energy. As chief designer and co-owner of the Bouvier brand, she built a dedicating following through her jewellery.

After fifteen years it was time for her to spread her wings and fly, to truly become the designing nomad she always dreamed of. Now living in Athens & Patmos Greece with her studio in Bali, Rafti now designs & prototypes products for all seasons, inspired by her travels and meetings with artisans around the world. Now that she's not confined to just designing jewels, she's finding wider creative expression through all manner of products and "necessary" objects. Hero Sisters is a place for Rafti to bring you her principle of pared back simplicity with a twist.

Living outside of the 'normal' many of us are used to, Rafti brings you luxurious, global bohemian gypsy-style meets jet set through her new design adventure - HERO Sisters.

Rafti couldn’t have created Hero Sisters without these amazing women who have guided her and helped make this new adventure come to life.

Elise P A Jackson

Elise P A Jackson, Hero SisterHaving worked for clients such as Burberry, Tom Ford & YSL in London & New York, Elise decided to trade in the city life for the rice fields & nature of Ubud, Bali. Luckily she did, otherwise she wouldn't have met one of her closest confidantes & hero sister, Rafti. 

Taking time in Ubud to refocus her skills in the ecommerce space, Elise has built up her own international retail brand helping women to get in touch with their own bodies and wellness. With these skills, it's been a delight to help Rafti bring her designs to life in her online store.

A year later, Elise has moved to the creative urban jungle of Barcelona, but still values Bali as her home from home. And Rafti's creative genius continues to inspire her even from a different hemisphere!

Vanessa Bonnin

Vanessa Bonnin, Hero SisterVanessa's life has had many incarnations - journalist and photographer in Australia, hotelier and restauranteur in Morocco, now working towards self-sufficiency using Permaculture in the countryside in France and on a journey of re-wilding...plus many other adventures in between.

Her extensive travels have lead her on a journey of discovering the world and discovering herself. She is passionate about people and the planet and all the diversity and wonder that entails. After rekindling the flame of wildness within herself amongst a magical circle of sisterhood on Dartmoor she has plunged into learning about the work of deep nature connection, culture regeneration and community building. 

She is seeking to share the mystery and beauty of the natural world with all those she encounters and help people regain their sense of wonder. Like many of our HERO sisters, she is also forging a path beyond the 'normal'!


Francesca Raft 

Francesca Raft, Hero SisterA life lived surrounded by artists, architects and creatives in fashion, film and theatre which she traversed in her many evolving incarnations at an early age. Francesca’s first love was photography, having started her career in front of the camera, she found being behind the camera a creative revelation, this developed into a professional pursuit and one that combined her desire to capture the moment and the beauty of this world and the people in it.

On her travels working and absorbing diverse artistic scenes in Tokyo, New York, Paris and finally London, Francesca realised her hidden passion for painting.

Returning to Australia ignited her love for the light, landscape and the unknown which she continues to paint and photograph from her studio in Sydney, if not being lured by her HERO Sister to paint tempera paintings on walls in far off places.




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