Fes, Morocco by Michele Reeves

Its destiny! I had a vivid dream a long time ago, when I slept overnight in the healing room of my best friend who was studying Indian American medicine at the time... I dreamt I was drowning in warm, golden sand when a strong hand pulled me out – Years later as I arrived at the edge of the Sahara that dream came flooding back to me and it was the day I fell in love with my now husband…When I moved to Fez my life was suddenly this beautiful chaos, filled with vibrant colour, exotic scents and ancient traditions. I felt like I was living in a timeless land and life filled with rich and intricate woven layers…

SLEEP Riad Karawan for exquisitely designed interiors, Jardin Des Biehn for tranquil spaces, inspiring textiles and eclectic style,  Riad Anata for cosy and contemporary with super friendly service.

SHOP – Made in Medina – all things designer led in both Fez and throughout Morocco, The medina Attariya for herbs, spices and traditional hammam products,  Anajam Home for gorgeous handmade modern Moroccan textiles and ceramics, Ain Okibi Qtr for traditional ceramics and Allal’s Art Gallery for a treasure trove of antiquities from the Islamic world.

SEE – and explore the labryinth of alleys in the medina, The Quaraouine mosque & library for Islamic history and ancient texts, The Madrassa Bouanania for amazing Islamic architecture and design, Seffarine square to hear the rythyms of the copper artisans, the medina by night when the atmosphere comes alive, the views overlooking the medina from the Merenids tombs from top to bottom, Palais Mokri just because it is stunning and finally the ancient tanneries and artisans plying their ancient trades…

EAT -  A packed picnic on Mt Zalagh overlooking the city or try The Ruined Garden – Moroccan Tapas  in lush gardens  of old Riad Ruins, Fez Café for French Provencal meets Modern Moroccan in a super relaxing setting , Palais Faraj for Traditional Moroccan with one of the best dining views over Fez, Nur – for one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world (as deemed by the WSJ in 2015)

Café Clock for great brekkies and coffee, Moi Anan Thai once you’ve had all the Tagine you can handle!

DRINK – an afternoon G&T on the rooftop of Mezzanine, a glass of wine on the terrace of Riad Fez with stunning views over the medina and the Skybar at Hotel Sahrai for gorgeous summer sunset aperos.

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