Amed is a little seaside region of Bali, about 2.5 hours from Ubud and Canggu. Far far away from the madness of Bali.

I found myself coming here regularly through the quiet days of 2020. Fell in love with it and found my sanctuary here, so now live here permanently.

As Covid 19 has had such a profound affect on the world here especially as Bali which is 80% tourism, I found an abandoned mini resort on the ocean about 15 minutes east of Amed which I have rented with friend, and am in literal heaven. Designing, dolphin watching and a lot of time wasting just looking out to sea! It’s time for us to find our happy places, we have a lot to process in these crazy days. It is time to be somewhere you love and feel you can touch the edges of your soul and smile.

Amed, East Bali


—Infinite Horizon (Villa Rafti & Alice!)

Aqua Terrace, also has a great spa for massages

Aquamarine Villas, private beach


Read read, swim swim, snorkel

Scuba dive, Free dive

Sunset Juking (local outrigger boat) with Mt Agung in the distance, fishing with locals,

Trekking in the mountains behind Amed, ask the dude Made at Indah shop in Lipah!

Maybe you will be lucky to be invited to a local ceremony.

Visit sacred temples Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang and Tirta Gangga

View one of the last traditional Salt farms on Bali

Amed, East Bali

— The ocean, dolphins, turtles, stars!

— GALANGA - fabulous asian inspired. In your own private bale in a beautiful tropical garden

 TRATTORIA - great pizza and pasta. Fabulous for late afternoon N.egroni watching the ocean

 UTANI - best coffee in Amed

 Warung Wayan Lipah - good local fish Cap Chay

 GUSTO - for dessert of devine chocolate cake and ice cream

 ADI Shop, Amed version of a delicatessen for supplies to take back to your villa beside the sea!

 There are quite a few good roadside “bunkus” takeaway sellers throughout the area, of which I’ve tried most! All delicious and $2 will be the most you will pay for lunch.

Amed, East Bali

— SEE YOU AGAIN- Arak (good local fire water!), cocktails and Indonesian food with a stunning sunset view of Mt Agung, overlooking Jemeluk Bay

— RASTA Bar hole in the wall on the beach in Amed

— CHILL Bar on the beach in Amed

Hope to see you sometime in Amed.