Let's go!

My wonderful Hero sisters & brothers,

I know for many of us 2017 felt like a river, sometimes calm & beautifully still, other times rushing seemingly out of control, collecting & moving great boulders & little stones as we wound our way down to the ocean. 

Now we are at the edge of that great ocean, filled with endless wonders, possibilities & freedom. Lets all dive into it with an open heart, explore our true creative selves and along the way finding the occasional little island to take rest & contemplation. 

Find joy in the small details of your day, peoples smiles, a flower blooming, a cloudy sky, your puppy rolling on the floor with a stick, see hurdles as gifts for learning.

Being the Year of the Dog, it is a great time to reach out to those around us & encourage each others limitless potential as hero sisters. Incredibly it is also the Year of Wondrous Revelations, so maybe it will be a truly good year, our optimism, loyalty & harmony will bring us closer to finding peace and prosperity on earth!

My simple wish for 2018 is that you find a place where you can discover & explore something in yourself that reveals your true self. From that place you can create, spread love & happiness, live without fear & find joy in whatever you do. 

So much love. Xxrafti 

P.S I’m so happy to be back designing for you, your love of all things Hero Sisters has filled me with joy & encouraged me on my new design adventures. With all my heart I thank you.