Elise P A Jackson

I’ve been thinking about who are my Hero Sisters are.. But also, what makes a Hero Sister?

A Hero Sister is that woman who makes life worthwhile, no matter what headspace you’re in. Who picks you up, who's there for advice, who’s there for one too many vodkas / gin & tonics / sangrias / wines when you need it, who can pick up your conversation with after 6 months, who you can rely on. I’m so lucky to have these women in my life, and I want to celebrate them.

These are my Hero Sisters:

Julia - Wine
This incredible, sweet girl who I only recently met in Barcelona. Somehow you just know when you meet someone that they’re gonna become a Hero Sister. The first time we met, we were partying (too much? is it possible to party too much?) and we felt a connection. She’s this powerful woman who’s helping other powerful women redefine their lives post-breakup. She’s this loving, warm, bundle of fun and I couldn’t be without here in this new, creative, crazy city.


Sofia - Sangria
This inspiring woman has been a friend for 9 years now. Apparently I was the first person she met when she arrived bright-eyed from Sweden to Edinburgh University. I remember meeting her in the lift at our university halls and somehow I knew we’d be friends for a long time. She introduced me to the Upper East Side via Gossip Girl, we’ve endlessly debated & channelled Alicia from A Good Wife until the early hours, and I comandeeered her Edinburgh flat for a Supper Club. She’s always been there for me. Now she’s moving to London to find incredible Nordic startups for a VC firm. And every time we see each other, it’s like no time has passed in our relationship, we just pick up where we left off.


Rafti - Vodka
The ULTIMATE Hero Sister. I feel like every conversation I have with anyone, somehow I gather strength from Rafti. This incredible woman who’s doing her thing in Bali and Morocco, is someone I look up to and gather inspiration from every fricking day. She’s my best friend and confidant. We met because she’s a good friend of my uncle (Sorry Mike, I’m stealing her!). Whether it’s just putting on my BEA ear cuff & Amalfi bangles in the morning (I never leave the house without these goddess staples now), I’m channellling my inner goddess & inner Rafti. The woman who’s always by my side, ecstatic-dancing, love-talking, sunset-swimming, vodka-drinking, stomach-laughing and yoga-inspiring. I want to be her. The Original Hero Sister.



Vivienne - Gin & Tonic
Last but not least, Vivienne. My Rock. Another friend from the first day of University (how is it possible that you can meet two incredible women in one day?!) This defined, ambitious, solid rock of an Alpha female who’s contended with the fiery boilers and grandmothers of Russia (apparently the women in Russia are extremely hardcore), and has become this incredible lawyer who knows and shows the world the way it should be. She’s also the woman who drinks too many gin & tonics with me, dances to Dancehall like it’s the only music on earth and helps me put my life into perspective. 


These are my Hero Sisters. I feel that I am the luckiest person alive to have these people surround me. Here’s to them!