Francesca Raft

Hero Sisters - Sanctuary by Francesca Raft

My sanctuary home.

Being such a home body by nature, there are many spaces that allow for a sense of calm and peace, from the bedroom to my studio and everywhere in between.

It’s all about the right elements, for me it’s being surrounded by things I love, that tell a story, things given, inherited, acquired, collected, found and grown. There are many layers over years of living in the same house which I find comforting and give me a sense of groundedness in the ever evolving story.

I do love my bed, many an hour spent resting, reading, thinking, writing, meditating, loving and being. There is nothing quite like being horizontal to induce a feeling of calm and happiness, my must haves in life. I was recently given linen sheets that has added a whole new feel and appreciation.

We have a balcony off the bedroom that I spend many an hour observing the sky, the birds, the bats, the trees, being still, drawing, reading, listening to music, dancing, the perfect spot where my inner cat can play.

Hero Sisters - Sanctuary by Francesca Raft

Not having such a green thumb I’ve surprised myself with my orchard garden in our bathroom, they thrive under my gaze and neglect. They fill me with much joy as they keep flowering! They are the perfect plant in the right environment.

We’re minding a cat ‘Mao’ for our neighbours that moved to Shanghai for a few years, it just so happens that he and I share the same birthday. Mao gives us so much pleasure in his catness that I totally relate to. I secretly hope he stays with us forever. Purr fur love, is the ultimate feeling, nothing quite like it, a definite heart filler.

My studio in our attic is where I loose myself in paint where I spend many an hour dreaming and creating. Where my inner sanctuary is free to explore, play, struggle, contemplate and find peace.

Oh to live in harmony ever evolving, and all in the comfort of my sanctuary home.

Francesca Raft