Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson at Scorpion House, Moulay Idriss

I had been working in Fez for 2yrs restoring an ancient medina house so as to turn it into a cafe. Although I loved the constant buzz of the city I did yearn for a retreat to act as a counterpoint to my new busy life.

Moulay Idriss was introduced to me by a dear friend and from the first moment I stood above the town I was hooked. Within a couple of weeks I had returned and was shown a small, concrete building on a scrappy piece of mountain with the most extraordinary views. I was instantly in love.

Negotiations done I started to plan my intimate escape atop the town. The build developed slowly and only became in its present form in the last year, some 8years after I'd begun.

The opportunity to create a light filled, multi-layered home that took full advantage of the sweeping views was dream fulfilling. Scorpion House is both part of the town whilst also remaining apart.

My personal sanctuary within which I recharge, play, relax and love.

Sanctuary - Scorpion House by Mike Richardson